What We Treat

We Treat Mild TBI

Nearly 750,000 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts have been affected by structural changes in the brain, TBI, or chemical changes in the brain, PTSD, as a result of their service to our nation. The cost of untreated TBI can be devastating. The benefit of self-directed rehabilitation is empowering and life affirming.

The Facts

TBI is the signature wound of post 9/11 wars

73% of all TBI Veterans are not receiving care at a VA facility

The Effects

45% resort to substance abuse within a year

Homelessness: 13,000 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans in 2014 – and rising

Veteran Incarceration: Majority with TBI

Scope of the Issue

  • Our Heroes with TBI- 25% – 30% of the 2.5 million deployed Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
  • Estimate 450,000 Veterans with TBI/ and another 300,000 with PTSD/ or both
  • Total: 750,000 Veterans in need of care
  • We need a way to get treatment to where they are.  Something convenient and effective.