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We Wrote the Book on Veteran TBI

Turn the Lights On!: A Physician’s Personal Journey from the Darkness of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to Hope, Healing, and Recovery

As both a physician and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon is uniquely qualified to write this book. Her resume appears as preparation for TBI: training in science, internal medicine, and treatment of trauma; expertise in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She was already widely published in these fields, an invited lecturer and speaker when In 1996 she suffered a TBI and spent the next 2 years calling on all of the resources she had – mental, physical, financial, and spiritual – to work through her own recovery and find a new “normalcy.” By 2008, following years of expanding her right brain through writing and filming creatively, she was practicing medicine again, developing new expertise in a very precise form of rehabilitation. When volunteering to perform TBI evaluations at her local Veterans Administration Hospital she was appalled by the fact that the men and women she met during these evaluations were so often dismissed and over-medicated. To increase awareness of the plight of the veteran with TBI, and to offer solutions for this global epidemic, she filmed the documentary Operation Resurrection, which was completed in 2011. For over a decade, she has worked with the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense and in collaboration with the civilian world to provide solutions for employment, education, and health care to benefit our veterans.